H.ear high definition Bluetooth Headsets.

They combine style, convenience, functionality in motion – and extraordinary high-definition sound quality. The new models are equipped with LDACTM audio coding technology, which is used to transfer high definition recordings. Various baud rates are supported, so LDAC also works under worse communication conditions. This technology allows you to listen to High-Res Audio recordings in a high-resolution standard: the maximum transmission speed is 990 kbps and is about three times higher than the standard Bluetooth connection.

All five models of the h.ear range are anthracite, cyran, clay red, dark pink and lime. Although the casing and the cords are made of different materials and finished in different ways, the uniform color of all the elements gives the device a simple, subtle look that is easy to choose for your individual style.

H.ear go – portable wireless speaker for high resolution sound reproduction

H.ear go is the world’s smallest, portable wireless speaker compatible with high definition sound. This device gives you excellent sound at home and off.

The h.ear speaker reproduces high-resolution sound. There are numerous online sites which can help you with best bluetooth headset for working out e.g. http://stereodevelopment.com/best-bluetooth-headsets-2017/. Its source is a newly developed, full-range speaker unit with a diameter of 35 mm. Left and right channel chambers are complemented by two passive membranes that extend the low frequency band. Despite the small dimensions of the enclosure, the EXTRA BASS [vii] TM system guarantees a solid volume of low sound.

Available in a variety of music sources, it extends Google Cast and Spotify Connect technologies.

The h.ear compact speaker will not be a burden to anyone, and its powerful battery lasts 12 hours. The device comes with Bluetooth wireless technology and NFCTM technology, allowing you to start listening with just one touch. There are also wired connections: USB-B and audio input.

When you return home, the h.ear speaker can be used alone or in a multi-room speaker system. In the latter case, the user can take advantage of the additional playback capabilities provided by the Sony SongPal application. The h.ear go device can be connected to a wireless stereo speaker system or used in home cinema as auxiliary surround speakers [viii].

H.ear on Wireless NC – Bluetooth headset with digital noise reduction system

Digital Noise Canceling System eliminates background noise, allowing you to focus solely on music. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) noise attenuation system constantly analyzes ambient noises and automatically adjusts the damping setting to prevailing conditions. The built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 20 hours of listening even with Bluetooth enabled and noise suppressed. So it’s an intercontinental flight – and to relax on an intense day.

The h.ear on Wireless NC headphones feature a 40mm HD acoustic transducer that lets you immerse yourself in crystal clear high definition sound – with powerful bass and clear highs. The titanium coating on the dome of the membrane also contributes to better sound quality. It suppresses undesirable vibrations and gives the sound more linear characteristics. Specially designed ear pads increase the comfort of listening and prevent the sound from coming out.

H.ear in Wireless – Bluetooth headset with neckband

H.ear in Wireless is an elegant product for everyday use. It is distinguished by a light, comfortable design with a neckband. Their small 9 mm acoustic transducer has a high sensitivity and, due to its magnetic circuit, the external path also has a higher efficiency. The h.ear in Wireless headphones are also equipped with a microphone and, thanks to the compatibility of voice transmission in HD quality, ensures good audibility of the caller.

A standard mini jack jack is also a useful addition. You can connect your phone or MP3 player to it – and listen to music even when the built-in rechargeable battery is exhausted.

The new h.ear headphone range and the h.ear go wireless speaker from Sony will be available in April 2016 at around € 300 (h.ear on Wireless NC), € 180 (h.ear in Wireless) and approx. € 250 (h.ear go). Detailed product specifications are available at: h.ear go, h.ear on Wireless NC, h.ear in Wireless.


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