Reddit refuses to disclose the identity of the user accused of piracy

Popular Reddit service has refused to give the IP user accused of illegal file distribution. Atlantic Records wanted it. The case concerned one of the music tracks of the movie “Legion of the Suicide”.

Copyright owners often request Web site administrators to request that the user’s IP address be violated by the law enforcement. Telecoms operators and site owners, unaware that the case is evident, are most likely to wait for an official letter from the law enforcement authorities and only release the data to pull that person into account.

This was the case with Reddit, the world’s most well-known online discussion forum, from which Atlantic Records demanded the IP of one of its users. A couple of months ago, the song “Heathens”, performed by Twenty One Pilot, came from the soundtrack of the movie “Legion of the Suicide”. The file was placed on one of the hosting pages, and the user Reddit published a link to the site.

The label did not like it very much because, according to her, it ruined her promotional plans. She decided that she would be responsible for the person who posted the link to the song at the site, hoping to reach the source of the leak.

Reddit’s boss declined to provide the user’s IP address. In our statement, we can read that Atlantic Records has not provided convincing evidence for any link between the site user and the song leak. The service does not intend to share its IP address.


Bryan Johnson